Bigg Boss 10 is Going To Be Very Different This Time and Will Create History

Recently, the promo of India's biggest TV reality show 'Bigg Boss' season 10 was released and our favourite host Salman Khan made his comeback in his amazing style.

He has always impressed the audience with different themes in the 'Bigg Boss' and this time it seems like everything is going to be different.

In this promo, he appeared as an astronaut and it seems like the theme would be 'Space' this time. According to Salman Khan, "the show is going to create a history and it is going to be a mystery". 

Yes, this time we are going to witness common people in the house and there will be no celebrity. For the first time, they will be having auditions in this reality TV show.

It is quite clear with the promo which say "Jab chand par dikha insaan pehli baar, ya phir andde se nikhli murgi pehli baar, toh create hua itihas. Ab aam public arahi hai pehli baar in Bigg Boss, toh create hoga history. Par kya hoga, that's the mystery. Bigg boss season 10 with common women and men".

So guys are you excited to be on 'Bigg Boss'?

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