7 Unforgettable Fights That Happened In The Bigg Boss House

Imam Siddique - He was one of the most talented contestants, who might have rarely spared anyone with his tactics to win the game.

Kushal Tandon and VJ Andy - These two were the most entertaining contestants of the season 7, who went far ahead with their fight that lead to the exit of Kushal from the house.

Kamaal Rashid Khan and Rohit Verma - Their fights and their dialogues were one of the most rememberable and entertaining parts in the all the seasons, due to which KRK had to leave the house.

Mandana Karimi and Rochelle - How we can forget their cat fights in the house, with Keith and Prince from the last season that turned the house into many troubles.

Dolly Bindra - We are sure everyone must remember this infamous contestant, who became one of the most lovingly hated contestant in the 'Bigg Boss' with her single dialogue "Baap Pe Mat Jana".

Raja Chaudhary and Sambhavna Seth - Among all contestants, they had the most arguments in the season 2 of 'Bigg Boss'. The disputes between them made things desperately interesting in the house.

Pooja MIshra - Pretty face with lots of drama, she was one of such contestant who had the uncontrollable anger in the house.

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