7 People Who Became Famous Because The Internet Couldn't Stop Crushing On Them

Recently, a Pakistani chaiwala Arshad Khan became popular due to his gorgeous looks after his photograph went viral on social media. He has now got a modeling contract and this news is ruling over the internet. But did you know that he is not the only one who became popular this way. Internet has made several youngsters famous for their striking good looks.

Lee Minwei - A 22 year old Singapore’s handsome airport officer who gained popularity with his charming smile and boyish looks.

Zeddie Little aka Ridiculously Photogenic Guy - He was just running a marathon and while going back home, he became an internet sensation due to his looks. 

Jeremy Meeks - He was sentenced in LA prison for two years when he grabbed a modeling assignment after his blue eyes and chiseled jawline made social media lose its chill.

Irvin Randle - Handsome grandpa, who became a sensation earlier this year for his stylish looks and cool photographs that made him famous as Mr. Steal Your Grandpa.

Omar Borkan Al Gala - Did you know that this handsome hunk was asked to leave Saudi Arabia for being too handsome?

And, nowadays this Nepali Vegetable seller is grabbing much attention over the internet with her beautiful face and innocent smile. All we have to see if she also becomes popular like these people or not.

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