7 Famous Celebs Who Were Government Employees

Shivaji Satam - Who is popularly known for his character of ACP Pradyuman in C.I.D, has worked as a cashier in the Central Bank of India, before coming in the entertainment industry.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni - The Indian cricket captain worked as a Train Ticket Examiner at Kharagpur railway station from 2001 to 2003 and his journey is very inspiring.
Rajinikanth - He started his career with many odd jobs, and has also worked as a bus conductor in the Bangalore Transport Service (BTS).
Dev Anand - He started his career in the military censor's office at Churchgate, where he used to work for a monthly salary of Rs. 165.
Amrish Puri - Who is mostly remembered for his negative roles in the Bollywood movie. He was an employee of State Insurance Corporation of India or ESIC.
Harbhajan Singh - Who is known for his aggressive bowling in the cricket world, was also a government employee and worked as a Deputy Superintendent of Police in Punjab Police.
Amol Palekar - He is best known for his Bollywood movies like ‘Golmaal’ and used to work at the Bank of India before entering Bollywood.

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