7 Celebrities Who Will Never Be Seen In The Bigg Boss

Karan Singh Grover - He was reportedly approached for a couple of seasons for the show, but he refused the offer by saying "I am a private person, I don't like to be watched by someone 24X7. I need my space.", so we can consider that he will never be seen in the Bigg Boss.

Shiney Ahuja - He was supposed to be a part of season 8 and the upcoming season 10, but he refused the offer as he wanted to stay away from more controversy.

Evelyn Sharma - Bollywood actress who is popularly known for appearance in the movie 'Ye Jawani Hai Deewani', has also declined the offer to be a part of the show because she is too claustrophobic to stay in a house for so long.

Kabir Bedi - Recently, when he was listed as one of the entrants to be expected for the show in the 10th season, he simply refused with a tweet that Bigg Boss is not going to happen for him.

Radhe Maa - The self proclaimed god woman in India has also refused the offer of the show as it is said that it wasn't her field of interest.

Shama Sikander -  It is said that she also refused to be a part of the show because she cannot stand fights and didn't consider herself to be fit in this reality TV show format.

Surveen Chawla - She is a big fan of Bigg Boss, but according to her, she isn't right for the show, so we don't think she will be seen on this show ever.

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