6 Unknown Nick Names Of Bollywood Celebs

Ranbir Kapoor - He is like a mumma's boy and his mother calls him 'Raymond', which means ''Counselor'', "Protector", "Wise Protector" or "Mighty".

Alia Bhatt - It is said that in her childhood everyone calls her 'Aloo' (Potatoes), maybe because she had chubby cheeks during her childhood.

Anushka Sharma - According to some people, her parents and close friends calls her by her nickname 'Nushie', which seems to be quite similar to her original name.

Varun Dhawan - When he was just a teen, he was used to call with a nick name 'Pappu' by his loved ones, especially by this father.

Bipasha Basu - The bong, of our Bollywood industry was nicked named as 'Bonny' by her family and close friends.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan - Today, she might be famous with a nick name 'Aish', but in her childhood, she was nick named as 'Gillu'.

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