6 Bollywood Celebs No One Knows But Have Their Official Websites

John Abraham - The fitness freak of Bollywood has a wonderful website which gives us an insight into his world and life. In one of the pages he also has a journal, where you can actually write to him directly.

Sonam Kapoor - The fashionista of B-town, has a beautiful website, where you can find her social handles like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter very easily.

Aamir Khan - He has a website-cum-blog, but it seems like he hasn't invested in his site much. It's not quite up to date and its homepage still has an image from the movie 'Talaash'.

Bipasha Basu - When you will visit her website, then you will find a beautiful video with some superb shots of the actress. Her website is full of joy and happiness. You can also check it out here.

Riya Sen - You may not have seen her in many Bollywood movies, but she has a website too. Check it out here.

Priyanka Chopra - The website of Quantico actress is currently under wraps, but its homepage seems to be very elegant and beautiful. 

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