5 Reasons Why A Bihari Boy Is The Perfect Match For Every Girl

Dabangg attitude - No matter what the world says about them or treats them like, Biharis have an unbeatable Dabangg attitude.
Intelligent and hard working - Our whole country is totally aware of the potential of Biharis, specifically when it comes to their intelligence and hard work. They are toppers in academics and achievers in professional life.
Down to earth - Even if you are in love with a millionaire Bihari, you will see him doing household work and spending time with his family. Well, this is how they are, always down to earth and family oriented.
Adorable accent - Though not many people will agree with this, but if you are in love with a Bihari, there are going to be a lot of aww moments because of his adorable accent.
Amazing food - I am sure this is the last thing you would want to consider, but once you are with a Bihari, you will not be able to get enough of those amazing dishes like Litthi Choka.

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