5 Actors Who Went On To Sacrifice Their Physique For A Movie Role

Aamir Khan - We all know he really works hard for his role and for his upcoming movie 'Dangal', first he put on some weight sized up to 90 kilos and then went on an extreme diet and workout plan, to get back into shape. He took almost 6 months and lost almost 25 kilos to play the young Mahavir.

Arjun Rampal - While preparing for his role in the movie 'Ra.One' he pushed his body so hard that it made him ill. Once in an interview he told that "I was being told that I was supposed to look like a machine. I reduced my intake of carbohydrates and started consuming lots of protein. A stage came when I had to completely cut off carbohydrates from my diet".

Farhan Akhtar - He did an exceptional job in the movie 'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag', but did you know that he underwent 18 months of training to accomplish such a body?

Christian Bale - His performance in the movie like Batman Series and Mechanist, is just too awesome and can't be described in words. He is one of such actors who can do everything just to get into a role.

Anne  Hathaway - To get into the outfit of a Catwoman, she starved herself for two weeks in a row, and result you can see with your eyes. Her performance in the movie 'The Dark Knight Rises' was really commendable.

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