What Is Zuckerberg’s New WHF VR App And Why Are People Hating On It?

There are many reasons people hate Mark Zuckerberg. There is the fact that he is one of the richest and most successful people in the world. Then there is the fact that he made his money off people without people realising that they and their attention spans are now products to be monetised. People also believe that Facebook has made mankind lazy and stupid. So anything Zuckerberg says or does is always going to encounter a confirmation bias. Quite predictably, there was a lot of negativity around the new Virtual Reality Work From Home product that was announced recently.

What is it?

It’s something called Metaverse and Mark Zuckerberg calls it the next generation of the internet. This is a new product called Workrooms that creates a virtual reality setting for people to work in.

Zoom, but with VR

In Zoom meetings, there is no sense of space or spatial audio. This product aims to address some of the limitations of such online interactions.

Some simply hate WFH

Work from home works for some, others just hate it. They need the structure, the routine and the presences of other people. So Zuckerberg's new product wouldn’t work for them.

Worst of both worlds?

According to this twitter-user, this application combines the worst aspects of being in office and WFH.



Not original

Some pointed out that this idea is not exactly original.

Expected more

Some thought that the new product looks dated; that it could have been a lot more advanced.

Could actually increase workloads

This tweet expresses the view that such a product could only increase the sort of meaningless meetings that so many people spend or rather waste so much time in.

Practical issues

A migraine sufferer said this. Some of us use earphones because we find headphones suffocating. I can imagine hating VR set that blocks out so much of actual sensory input.

So this can happen?

People imagined other scenarios in which this VR application may fall short.

Voicing a pet peeve

Anti-vaxxers are a huge problem in the US, a big stumbling block in society returning to a pre-pandemic normal. Facebook is one of the places they congregate and propagate misinformation and conspiracy theories. Many believe that Facebook can and should be doing a lot more to stop its platform from being used for this spread of misinformation. 

So this can happen?

If everyone has avatars, this is a very probable scenario.

Basically this

While some liked the idea of using Mark Zuckerberg’s VR app for WFH, most felt that it was either lame or outdated or unnecessary. Some thought it was just plain awful; taking the worst aspects of Zoom and making them worse.

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