Look At These Most Creative And Beautiful Olympic Posters Created Since 1896

The  Rio Olympics just ended and as the world welcomes their athletes back home, we ask you one question. Did you ever look closely at the Olympic posters that were shared just about everywhere during the event? As a tradition, the host country comes out with a unique poster that is then used for campaigning purposes. 

Take a look at these Olympic posters that totally convey the message of the Olympics. 

Athens 1896

Here, Greek goddess Athena is shown holding a crown that was being handed over to the winners. 

London 1908

Shepherd Bush's stadium is at the centre of this poster. 

Antwerp 1920

There is a discus thrower with lots of flags behind and the tower of Antwerp shown behind. 

Amsterdam 1928

Carrying laurel brand, this runner is shown with the Netherland flag shielding his nudity. 

Berlin 1936

With a horse drawn chariot at the Brandenburg gate, Berlin, the poster has Olympic rings, date and other information mentioned. 

1960 Rome

Here the she-wolf is seen feeding the twins Remus and Romulus.

Sarajevo 1984

This poster became the image of the Olympic games and it featured the games emblem created by Roko Antonio. The symbol is of a stylish red snowflake. Above and below the Olympic rings appear the city, year and the games edition mentioned in three languages. 

Seoul 1988

Encasing the motto of this year's Olympics, Harmony and Progress, this poster features an athlete with a bright torch. 

Sydney 2000

Featuring Millenium Man, this poster has a plethora of shapes and colors that describe Australia. 

London 2012

This showcased the motto of the London Olympics and showed the UK's flag. 

Rio Olympics 2016

Yes, we have all seen it. This poster was created by Rio based Tátil. One of the biggest challenges in this emblem was to overcome the need to “represent the Passion and Transformation of a city and the entire country, and project these values to the rest of the world".

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