FIFA Tweets and Memes That Tell the World Cup 2018 Story So Far

There have been some predictable results; others have been some rather significant upsets at the FIFA World Cup 2018 currently ongoing in Russia. Where some results caused a deluge of despair others made people so deliriously happy that their joy resulted in seismic shifts thousands of miles away! Here are some of the tweets and memes to put you into the picture of what has gone on at FIFA so far:

The (not so) big opening game

Hosts Russia took on Saudi Arabia in the opening match and home fans had a dream match with the hosts crushing the visitors 5-0. This was the second biggest victory margin by a host nation in the opening match, the biggest being Italy v USA in 1934. Tweets also pointed out that the team almost drew a match against champions Germany a week back.

Saudi fans wouldn’t have been amused…

….Or the Saudi king come to that!

The earthquake!

Defending champions Germany lost their first match of the tournament. The fact that they lost to Mexico resulted in a wave of joy so intense that the people of Mexico swear that they physically experienced earth quakes.

On the other hand

German fans appeared to be in shock. The expressions of disbelief and despair tell their own story.

Just sayin’

In previous FIFA editions, defending champions haven’t necessarily fared well, as this tweet pointed out.

The Brazil-Switzerland match

More than the 1-1 draw result, it was the way that the Swiss players concentrated their energies on thwarting Neymar that people were speaking about.

Some were less sympathetic

The match triggered major memes; with many coming out in sympathy for Neymar and the way the Swiss seemed to consistently corral him specifically. Others thought that it was all par for the course and Neymar ought not to have made such a song and dance about the whole thing.

When Sweden beat South Korea

The Swedes beat the Koreans 1-0 but the Korean goalkeeper’s save is what everyone was talking about.

More overreaction?

Apparently the Swedes’ reactions to being tackled were meme-worthy enough for many tweets about “Every Sweden player when a Korean gets within inches of them #SWEKOR”

The draw we didn’t expect

Iceland drew their match against the fancied Argentineans. Belgium winning 3-0 against Panama was a result that was much more in accordance with general expectations

This is relevant!

Doctors populate the Icelandic team, says this tweet. The implication of course is this: , it was Argentina's best against a bunch of doctors and they still could not do it!

The missed penalty

When Messi missed the penalty shot, people were quite unforgiving on Twitter.

This went according to plan

England’s win over Tunisia was expected; however even after playing extremely well throughout the game the English may have had to be satisfied with the scoreboard still at 1-1 close to the end of the game. Harry Kane (who had earlier scored his team’s solitary goal as well) did this during injury time however. The delirium that followed was simply par for the course.

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