Indian Premier League was launched by BCCI in 2008, to rival the Indian Cricket League which was formed in 2007 and BCCI was not quite supportive of it. Since then only IPL matches are much enjoyed and every year people wait for the IPL season to begin. Over a span of 8 years, there have been some amazing records, here we share with you the ten best.

1. Highest strike rate


Albie Morkel

JA Morkel had the highest strike rate of 400 in a match of Super Kings vs Royal Challengers Bangalore where he hit 28 runs in 7 balls.


2. Best sixes


Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle known for his sixes hit 17 sixes against Pune Warriors and he also managed to hit 13 fours and made maximum runs from fours and sixes.


3. Great wickets


SL Malinga played 98 matches in the span of 2009-2015 and managed to take 143 wickets which is maximum till date.


4. Maximum catches



If Malinga took the maximum wickets, our Raina took the maximum number of catches till now. Can you guess how many? It’s Eighty Two!


5. Highest runs


Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers managed to make a record of Highest Partnership of Runs against Gujarat Lions in IPL 2016 and made 229 runs.


6. Best average



LMP Simmons, the Mumbai Indian Player has been a part of IPL for a shorter time period and has the highest average of 47.1


7. Mumbai Indians


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Mumbai Indians had the largest win by balls against KKR in IPL 2008. It won the match by 87 balls.


8. Royal challengers

IPL match in Bengaluru

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Royal Challengers Bangalore had the largest win by 144 runs against Gujarat Lions in IPL 2016. Any guesses why? Read fact 5!


9. Maximum dismissals


Dinesh Karthik

KD Karthik has the maximum number of dismissals in a span of 8 years. 98! Glad that he didn’t make his century of dismissals.


10. Maximum matches


M.S Dhoni

How can we forget our dear Dhoni! It’s IPL. Dhoni has played the maximum number of matches as a captain, i.e. 143.


There’s one more fact which should probably top the list but yeah strategic thinking told me to place it here.

“Virat Kohli has the maximum runs, ie 4110 in 139 matches since 2008.”


Author Name: Garima Virmani

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