Anushka Naiknaware, Indian-American Teenager Makes Path-Breaking Invention In Medical Science

Recently, a young Indian American girl sprang into the world's attention for her impressive new discovery of an important aspect governing medical science for which she won Google's Science Prize:

1. Who is Anushka Naiknaware?

A young 13 year old citizen of Oregon, United States, Anushka is just a normal school-going kid with a wonderful medical discovery under her belt. At an age where most of her contemporaries and friends spend tons of time on social media, young Anushka has stormed to the center of medical world's attention.

2. What is Anushka's emphatic medical discovery?

Anushka Naiknaware has just won with the coveted Google Science Prize, for solving a simple albeit valuable age-old medical problem.

She has invented a bandage that will determine the healing status of a wound and also when the bandage needs to be changed.

3. How did she accomplish this landmark discovery

One of the age-old medical problems has been medical science's concern in discovering bandages that are self-indicative of telling when they are to be changed. The bandage discovered by Anushka notes the temperature and PH value of the wound that will indicate the healing status of an injury and also when it has to be cleaned.

4. How did the idea occur to this youngster?

While she was still studying as usual at the Stoller Middle School, it occurred to Anushka that having such a bandage would help doctors and nurses. She used simple objects such as graphene nanoparticles and ink to create the sensational and important medical discovery. 

5. What award did she win?

For exhibiting a sensational talent in the hitherto less explored field of medical science, Anusha Naiknaware has been awarded a $15000 scholarship for winning the Lego Education Builder Award and an all-expense paid trip to visit Lego's headquarters at Denmark, where she is currently on a holiday along with her parents.

6. The question of patent

At the moment, Anushka hasn't gone for a patent of her sterling new discovery but has plans to get her invention patented in the near future.

7. A prodigious young achiever

Her talent having placed her in a league of her own has ensured that Anushka is the world's youngest winner of the Lego Education Builder Award for her ingenuity of discovery. And must it be said, what an incredible accomplishment this is for the young girl. 

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