Is This Human Evolution? Rare New Blood Type Titled 'INRA' Discovered At Surat, Gujarat

The latest word coming from the unstoppable Gujarat is that a rare new blood group has been discovered by doctors in Surat. Given the medical term 'INRA', this is a path-breaking medical discovery already hailed by the revered WHO. Here's all that you need to know about this sensational bit of news

1. The first of its kind

The blood groups were hitherto only classified into 4 main categories: A, B, O and AB. But this unique new blood-group discovery has left the medical fraternity in Surat in a state of surprise.

2. The story behind the acronym

In the most pleasantly surprising new age medical discovery, something unparalleled in the history of medical science, the world has only just begun to warm up to the fascinating bit of news emanating from India.

The newly named blood group, INRA is a simple amalgamation of IN referring to India and RA referring to the first two letters of the person bearing the blood-type.

3. Not the first blood type sensation in India

The newfound blood-type INRA has surely sent shockwaves down the medical fraternity in entirety. But this isn't the only time blood types have made history in India. India's also found a specific blood-group called the 'Bombay blood group' in the past. Interestingly, no more than 7000 individuals belong to this rare blood group. 

4. The laboratory where 'INRA' was tested

The latest medical finding was tested at one of the oldest and most busy laboratories in the whole of Surat, Lok Samparn Raktadan Laboratory, located at Varaccha Road. The research, rather finding of the new blood-type was made by renowned doctor, Dr. Shanmukh Joshi and his team when they set out to test the donor's blood in the local lab just a few days ago.

Surprised by the finding, the blood samples were immediately sent to WHO, who later verified it as a new blood-type.

5. How did the new discovery come about

Interestingly, a local Surat based man had visited the Lok Samparn Raktadan Laboratory to donate some blood. Upon being admitted, his blood samples were being tested with Dr. Shanmukh Joshi and crucial members of his team- Dr. Kinjal Mendpara and Dr. Ankit Sheldiya were shocked to find the new blood-type.

6. What the new blood group means for the person?

It is being slated that there are no more than 7 people in the world, at the moment, who possess the INRA blood type. This means, the person with the unique blood sample can neither donate blood, nor can his or her body accept blood of any other blood-type. This is indeed a rare and profound discovery. 

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