Have you ever read or heard a story of something good done by a total stranger for someone else? Have you heard of an act of staggering kindness, that has brought tears to the eyes and wonder to your heart? The human spirit is indomitable and irrepressible. Through the entire grey and black tapestry that society has become, there will always be certain rays of light that will shine brighter than all others, and they will also light up those who are touched by their light.

Rajnigandha Silver Pearls has decided to find and bring to the forefront these Pearls of India. This specific video is about The Medicine Baba who could very well be saving hundreds of lives with his compassion and willingness to do something for others. This is a must watch because it shows a real man, of modest means and physical disability, go out of his way to do something for people who are absolute strangers to him.


In a world which is full of strife The Medicine Baba proves that the human spirit cannot be subdued. Human beings have the potential within themselves to do great things with very little and this video makes one want to try and make a difference. If you know of any other such Pearls, do let us know in the comments.