United Airlines Passenger Files Complaint About Bizarre Behavior By Pakistani Monks Aboard Plane

Incidents of biases against a particular cast or creed and roaring instances of racism inside an airplane haven't been new. The 21st century has often thrown up instances of open racism and indifference shown towards highly sexist overtures. But a recent news from the USA took a very decisive turn toward discrimination and became a shocking indictment of one's self-esteem and respect. Read on:

1. Woman files complaint about discrimination

A woman passenger traveling in a United Airlines flight complained of discrimination after her pre-booked seat was suddenly exchanged bceause of 2 monks of Pakistani origin.

2. So what was the issue about?

It turns out that  neither of the two Pakistani monks were willing to sit next to a woman. This was naturally offensive to the complainant; the woman who filed the complaint against the monks.

3. Who is this passenger

The person who reported the complaint against the ill-natured Pakistani monks is believed to be an American woman by the name of Mary Campos. She told the media that her ticket was given away by the US airlines because of her gender and that the two Pakistani male monks didn't wish to be seated beside a woman, thus creating a furor in mainstream media.

4. A case of misplaced cultural beliefs?

No culture, regardless of its interpretation preaches or insists that there should be any animosity or difference in maintaining harmony with the opposite gender. That man and woman are both equal is the general basis and founding belief of all religions and sub-cultures.

5. Just who were these men in question

Mary has shared that the two Pakistani monks were wearing long orange shirts. She also told that the female flight crew were not allowed to serve the men, which further infuriated the woman and thus raised a curious brow.

6. This leads to further questions

Mary has rightfully shared her utter disbelief in the credibility of the men-folk aboard the US airlines flight by asking a very valid and pertinent question. What if she was handicapped and say a transsexual? Would it then have incurred the wrath of the ignorant fellow passengers? 

7. Every valid reason to be offended

The height of indifference suffered by American passenger Mary Compos is a direct blow to the very fundamental question of equality and fairness. Not only was the behavior of the two Pakistani monks in Orange clothing condemnable but highly insufferable. It appears that as of now, the US airline is under scrutiny  and has to do a bit of an answering in addressing the woes of the aggrieved American passenger.  

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