UAE Astronaut Shared Mecca Image & More from Space – Check It Out

Now with the first UAE citizen in space, we on earth are getting his perspective from space. Astronaut Hazzaa AlMansoori shared a view of Islam's holiest site Mecca, from space as well as a number of interesting POVs from space.

Images from space

“Beautiful.... The ka'aba from space,” said one appreciative tweet. Another tweet pointed out that we are lucky to have an Arab astronaut in space now to beam down these beautiful images.

MBR Space Centre

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Space centre tweeted this video of AlMansoori performing the fluidics experiment and explained more about his stint in space.

Selfie from space

In a selfie-obsessed world, this one certainly is a winner.

North Africa from space

The astronaut also shared this picture, in which the Nile River is easily seen.

Fave place

AlMansoori also shared this video of his from space; his favourite spot on the space station. He received a lot of love for this tweet of his.

Picture of home

While he was so far from home, he shared this image of it beautifully lit up in the night.

On the way back

AlMansoori expressed some amount of fear but also pride at having become the first man of his country to have visited space. He speaks about achieving the dream of UAE's founding father and about more such achievements in future.

Back to Earth

After having returned to earth, Hazzaa AlMansoori shared these pictures of his landing.

Welcome back

There were many, many tweets congratulating this amazing feat of his; the incredible moment of a safe landing. People were congratulating him and welcoming him back with wishes of more such forays into space from the Arab world.

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