This Image of Jupiter Is Viral – It Looks Like A Dosa Say Netizens

Jupiter is a very interesting planet. Apart from being the biggest planet in our solar system, it is also the fastest rotating planet, completing one rotation within ten hours. The gas giant is also interesting because it doesn’t have a proper solid surface and has a Giant Red Spot, which is a storm that has been observed from the early 19th century. One image of Jupiter, taken from its South Pole is quite famous and recently it went viral:

Bottom view

The South Pole is the bottom, according to the @latestinspace handle that tweeted this image captured by NASA Cassini in December 2000.

Why bottom?

Someone provided ‘evidence’.

Someone thought of this

Jawbreakers are a kind of hard candy named so for obvious reasons – also known as gobstoppers in Britain.

A dosa

However a dosa was the object that by far the most people thought of when they saw the image.

Many got interested

With so many real, serious issues to occupy mind space, it can get a little depressing. Some of us look for frivolous debates such as the Jupiter-Dosa debate to enliven things.

Plain dosa

The masala dosa is an altogether different thing.


….In the making!


Ready to eat – with butter and chutney – yum!

The resemblance is very noticeable

“This must be after asteroid impact,” said one reply featuring a less-than-perfect dosa.

Many explanations

It’s a ghee roast said someone. It’s a Mysore dosa said another.


Some said it looked like a dosa with chutney smeared on it.

Or this?

Maybe an omelette? 

Or this!

Actually, that image of Jupiter looks neither like a planet nor a dosa to me – the striker used on a carrom board is exactly what it looks like!

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