Tokyo 2020 Olympics May Have These 5 New Sports

The Rio Olympics are on with lots of action and fervour. While we are enjoying the sports and athletes this year, the Olympics powers-that-be are talking of introducing new sports from 2020. Want to find out the cool sports that they are saying will be introduced during the Tokyo Olympics in 2020? Check them out here.

1. Surfing

The first in the list is surfing. This is one of the most famous and daring sports considered in the water games. Also, there are different formats here with or without boards. Further, with different styles of boards and different styles of surfing, this game is just going to give the Olympics a more of fun and blue shade.

2. Skateboarding

This one is full of action and is definitely a tricky performance sport. Yes, skateboarding is included in the upcoming Olympics. It tops the youth’s favourite list and is definitely going to be a much anticipated game. 

3. Baseball

Yes, the famous baseball is also getting included in the Tokyo Olympics. We are sure to see many new athletes coming with these new sports getting introduced.

4. Karate

The next in the list is the famous martial art form, karate. Yes, including this combat special striking art in the Olympics is a great decision as now most of the world is familiar with this fine fighting art and its inclusion will not only make Olympic more interesting but the youth more aware about it as well. 

5. Sports Climbing

The last one is the daring, sparing and very fierce sports climbing. Being this bolting and furious there is no surprise that it made to the list of upcoming Olympic games. 

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