Highlights: Delhi Crafts Council Brought Sarees Of India 2016: Innovating Traditions

Sarees of India 2016: Innovating Traditions was organized by the Delhi Crafts Council and was aimed at bringing talents from all over India in one place. Handcrafted sarees from the corners of the country was handpicked and curated. Let's see what this event brought to us! 

Three day event

This was a three-day event that focused on the new methods of innovations used to weave sarees nowadays. 

Twenty one participants this year

Each year, the council yearns to bring brilliant ideas related to new techniques in saree making from around the country. This year, 21 participants got selected to display their talent to the audiences of Delhi. 

Sutrakar Samman

Sutrakar Samman  is an annual award given to extraordinary weavers with outstanding talent. This is done to let the weavers know that their talent is getting due recognition. 

Shahid Junaid

This year, Shahid Junaid was presented with this award. This weaver hails from Varanasi and has a family business of weaving sarees. 

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