Record For World's Youngest Practicing Surgeon Held By Wonder Kid From India, Akrit Jaswal

He conducted his first surgery when he was oly 7 years old! We have all heard of stories about wonder-kids, and you must you must hear this story of the Indian boy wonder, Akrit Jaswal. 

1. Boy wonder

Young Akrit Jaswal is about 20 today but his incredible achievments in the world of medical science are well ahead of his timid young age. He's the youngest practicing surgeon in the world at the moment.

2. An amazing intellect

Akrit Jaswal is no ordinary boy. He's a rare achiever in the world of medical science. It has been widely reported that this incredibly intelligent Indian boy has an IQ of 146, stuff one comes to associate with Einstein-ish prodigies. Ain't that brilliant?

3. An admirer in Opera

Akrit Jaswal has already been working in the space of medical science for about a year. He is a walking bible of science as a young 20 year old. He was called on the world-famous Opera show and his feats were hailed in front of a live audience, on perhaps one of America's most loved and followed shows.

4. Rising to world-wide attention

Young Akrit was merely 5 or 6 when he shot to world's attention for his genius as a surgeon. Ever since then, he has been repeatedly hailed as the wonder-boy of medical science, garnering incredible fame among both Indian and Indian-American communities.

5. An early aggregator of genius

Akrit was very young, perhaps not even a teenager when he performed a surgery on a young girl with burned, bruised fingers in India. His early talent was recognised then. By the time, Akrit turned 7, he had read several books on medical history and even Grey's Anatomy. At 12, he was invited at the Imperial College of London to share his intellect and penchant for medical science. Quite incredible that!

6. Doing phenomenal things as a toddler

Akrit was merely 5 or 6 and maybe 7 at the most, when he developed a penchant for reading about Cancer, the emperor of all maladies as described by a famous Indian author. And ever since then, he has been spending great lengths of time to research about finding a possible cure, one he feels, he is in the process of completing. If that is to come true, it will be simply brilliant. 

7. The boy wonder and what makes him special

Akrit Jaswal's rise as a phenomenal medical science talent is like reading a paragraph out of a fairy-tale, more like a dream-scenario. But in his world, things are unbelievably true. The youngster was sponsored and mentored by Mr. B.R. Rahi, chairman of secondary education at Dharamshala. At the age of 12, he was studying for a science degree from Chandigarh College.

He has been hailed as 'excellent and possessing prodigious genius' in literature and numerical abilities and his keenness to find a cure for cancer shot him to worldwide fame and brought to him to the attention of 'Firecracker Films'.

May the genius in him succeed and take India to great heights in the years to come. Bravo Akrit. Take a bow 

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