“Which of my photographs is my favourite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow” … As the world photography day was celebrated worldwide yesterday, we continue the passion, purpose & perspective of photography by bringing you stunning shots of your city by top photographers Hari menon, Ajay Menon, Neeta Shankar & Venky captured by a lens that’ll surprise you.
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Ajay Menon (Mumbai)

Taj Mumbai


Captured in the sub-optimal light conditions of twilight, the Taj Mumbai twinkles, it’s soul captured in sharp contrast, owed to the all new Samsung Galaxy A8’s F1.9 aperture lens. This building is truly a testament to this city’s will, rising from the ashes like the Phoenix.


SeaLink Mumbai


Even in low-light conditions Ajay Menon proves that the Galaxy A8 can capture the fearlessness with which the Mumbai-Worli sea-walk goes into unknown depths. The spirit of Mumbai is unique and we have attempted to bring it out via this photographic journey. Two taps will quick launch the camera so you never miss the chance to capture the serenity that is achieved at night by something full of energy during the day.


Hari Menon (Bengaluru)

Pottery Farm


An everyday pottery farm seen through the lens of Hari Menon, a photographer with the super power to convert the mundane into something fantastic. In this picture Hari uses the Galaxy A8 to capture motion seamlessly, thanks to its F1.9 aperture and a 16 MP front camera that allows for razor sharp images.


Vidhan Soudha


The place where the decision makers changed the course of an entire city by converting it into the Silicon Valley of India. The Vidhan Soudha stands proud as the Galaxy A8 captures it’s splendour. When in the city the drive by at night is spectacular so don’t forget to use the Smart Selfie mode to get yourself into the frame.


Neeta Shanker (Delhi)

Lotus Temple


Photographer Neeta Shanker feels that though it is surrounded by the echoes of History, the Lotus Temple is proof of the survival of Man’s ability to create art through architecture. She uses the powerful and responsive camera of the Galaxy A8 to compose this picture from a distance and with minimum natural light. When next in the Capital one should consider spending 20 minutes in introspection within the home of peace.


Delhi Metro


Standing absolutely still while 20 Lakh people pass by, immortalised by the Galaxy A8 camera’s fantastic shutter speed.


Venky (Hyderabad)

Golkonda Fort


From here came the ‘Koh-i-noor’ and the ‘Hope’, tempting even the most stoic in the world. Captured at night and with only the lights from the display, the Galaxy A8’s camera comes with HDR that eliminates shadows. Photographer Venky captures the mystery of the Golkonda Fort and makes you wonder what other treasures are hidden within its historical depths.


Hyderabad Skies


On a starless night, the city lights twinkle to become an inverted version of the canvas in space. Hyderabad nights look stunning in low light when captured through the Galaxy A8’s 16 MP rear camera. Between the Pearls and Biriyani, capture each experience using the amazing Smart Selfie feature.

Whether it was the twinkling Taj in Mumbai or the splendor of the Vidhan Soudha in Bengaluru, the all new Samsung Galaxy A8 flawlessly captured the brightest moods in low light condition. Catch many more of such wonderful captures here and tell us about it.