‘Open Box before Eating Pizza’ Said the Box - You Don't Say!

One of the most famous (and ridiculous-sounding) tort liability suits was that of McDonald's being sued for serving very hot coffee. Following this, they were made to print ‘Caution contents hot’ on their beverage cups. There is probably such a story behind this one as well, but on the face of it, this is truly silly: ‘Open Box before Eating Pizza’ they printed on pizza boxes. You don’t say, said netizens. Check out the memes:

‘Open Box before Eating Pizza’

No one should need to be told this, right? Talk about stating the obvious!


Some possible reasons for putting that on the box: warning for cardboard eaters and /or viral marketing. Or maybe to dissuade those who want to eat cardboard as an appetizer?

Stating the obvious

This statement of obvious facts – such as Pizza Hut saying ‘we have pizza’.


Also stating the obvious in this case.


No swimming in this area, says the sign. Wonder who that is for, considering there is no water around.

Buying dog food…

For a dog? Or maybe a dragon? Some people don’t like it when others try to make conversation with an inanity like this.

Or this

Maybe they should ask – where would you like your table? Or for how many people.

Don’t be honest

This is a reasonably futile question – who on earth is going to say, don’t be honest.

Needs to be said

This is a sign that is very much required in India – most pedestrians don’t wait till the car stops. But then the car doesn’t stop either.

It’s called polite conversation!

You could react with sarcasm at that person stating the obvious or you could take it as someone making polite conversation. That is probably why they put ‘Open Box before Eating Pizza’ on the box – they were just making polite conversation with their customers.

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