On Constitution Day the Tweeple Say Thanks Dr. Ambedkar

The Indian constitution is relatively young. In the event, it includes some of the best features of other great constitutions of the world. When we the people of India gave ourselves the Constitution, we gave ourselves a very progressive, comprehensive document of great wisdom.  It was Dr. B R Ambedkar who was the architect of the document that accords us the freedoms we enjoy today. 26 November is Constitution Day in India and this is what Twitter is saying:

National Constitution Day

This is the day that is meant to encourage people to read, understand and appreciate the provisions of the constitution.

26 November is also Law Day

Though the constitution of India came into effect on 26 January 1950, it was on 26 November 1949 that the constitution was adopted. The two months in between were used for reading and translating the constitution into Hindi.

For all of us

The constitution is not just for lawyers to read and judges to interpret. It has a direct bearing upon all our lives.


Tweeple have been expressing their love and gratitude to Dr. Ambedkar for his farsightedness and the provisions of the world’s biggest written constitution.

A symbol of pride

For India’s most exploited and marginalised communities Dr. Ambedkar is a symbol of hope and the resurgence of self-esteem. He encouraged the downtrodden to shake off the shackles of inequality, inequity and humiliation that centuries of injustice had created. It is Ambedkar’s constitution that holds every Indian as free and equal in the eyes of the law; which guarantees dignity to every citizen.

The idea of modern India

Dr. Ambedkar called upon all Indians to give up antiquated hierarchies and notions of inequality and to create a more equal and egalitarian society.

A reformist

Dr. Ambedkar was clear that a country cannot progress while large segments of its citizenry languish in poverty and powerlessness. He called for change and the type of social reform that would place every citizen on an equal footing with every other citizen.

Read the constitution

It is vast document that took every Indian into consideration, thought about every eventuality. As such every Indian should read the document that protects the life and liberty of every citizen of this country.  

The wisdom of Dr. Ambedkar

Dr. Ambedkar was mindful of the fact that a country cannot progress if 50% of its population is discriminated against and has its freedom curtailed.

Reading the preamble

Our constitution's preamble is a summary of its contents. Many celebrated Constitution Day by reading aloud the Preamble of our constitution. It is the preamble that citizens have used to protest against inequality, unjust laws and to demand justice. On constitution day, we can all resolve to find out more about our own constitution and what it represents while remembering to give thanks to the wisdom and resolve of Dr. Ambedkar.

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