MAC Affiliate Conference Is Back In Delhi

MAC Delhi is back in September to bring the international affiliate marketing community together in India. More than 50 exhibitors and 2,000+ guests from all over the world will arrive at MAC Delhi 2019 which will be held at the heart of affiliate marketing in India - The Leela Ambience Gurugram Hotel & Residence. This year MAC organizers team up with Earning Labs and Affise to create a really impressive event. Among the speakers are experienced and super successful affiliates - Sumit Ghosh, Subhajit Biswas, Vipul Taneja, Subhash Chandra, Russian affiliate expert Vitaliy Stetsenko and other industry bright minds.

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The enchanting all-inclusive afterparty

If you’ve ever been to our previous conferences, you should know that the main trump card of MAС events is an enchanting all-inclusive afterparty. A bright show, a delicious buffet, an alcoholic bar and hits from the best DJs are waiting for you at the end of the official part, where the organizers and their partners will give away valuable prizes. The afterparty offers ideal opportunities for productive networking in an informal, relaxing atmosphere. Last time more than 2000 people gathered in the biggest club in Europe at MAC Moscow afterparty. This time the afterparty will be held in iconic club Playboy Tap Gurugram.

MAC Delhi is also an excellent opportunity to learn things about actual verticals and up-to-date money-making approaches - MAC speakers always share only practical knowledge with the audience and perform real case studies. Only webmasters who run traffic at the moment speak at MAC events. MAC organizers don’t invite company representatives and coaches to speak, only those who earn money online today.

Check out a few facts about some of MAC Delhi speakers.

Vitaliy Stetsenko, a skillful Russian Super Affiliate, made $230 000 only on Ecco and Salomon sports shoes! He ran affiliate campaign on Instagram in CIS countries and made this amount of money in just 6 months! At the last MAC conference Vitaliy covered Google Search and GDN strategies and told us how to make 1000-2000 leads daily on Nutra products in Tier 1 GEOs, where each lead is about $10-$15. This time he will share his unique guide on how to make your first $10 000 on Facebook.

Sumit Ghosh, a versatile digital & affiliate marketer, manages FB PPC campaigns for numerous clients with budgets ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars a day. During one of his best experiences, he scaled one campaign from $10,000 to $150,000 and reduced Cost Per Acquisition from $300 to $80 in a super competitive industry, where the average CPA is $150! Sumit is also widely known as blackhat master and this time he is going to throw some light on scaling crypto campaigns on FB to $750,000.

Super successful affiliates

Vipul Taneja, a super successful CPA expert, once earned $100k in 30 days with 250% ROI in e-commerce through one of his campaigns. At the upcoming conference Vipul will tell us how to dominate global e-commerce with Native Ads. 

Subhash Chandra, a veteran affiliate marketer with rich experience, worked with big global brands - McDonalds, Sony, IIT Bombay. He has also been an Amazon Affiliate for 4 years. Over these years he has built and sold numerous sites for considerable sums. One of his Amazon Associates sites went from $0 to $2700 per month in 6 months.

Kulwant Nagi runs ads on many platforms. Once he earned $2300 in a single day and at another time he made $9000 in just 4 days by promoting Black Friday deals. At MAC Delhi conference he is going to tell us how to integrate affiliate marketing in blogging and 10x your income.

So MAC helps webmasters connect with the industry global leaders, exchange knowledge and discover profitable marketing approaches. It is a brilliant chance to establish new partnerships with media buying teams, affiliate networks, advertisers, lead gen professionals and other CPA-world residents. 


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