So we all got forwarded that one joke about how Superstar Salman Khan releases his movie Sultan on Eid but Rajini just releases his movie Kabali whenever he wants and that day becomes a holiday! And this isn’t even a joke! This is the truth that illustrates how Rajini is in a league all on his own. And of course Rajini fans are in a league of their own. Is it any wonder that Rajini, Kabali and their collective fans broke the internet? And if you haven’t yet heard Neruppu Da, scroll down.

The excitement had been brewing for a while


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From the teaser to the trailer to the actual release, Rajini movies attract unprecedented anticipation.


We all know


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His movies and his fans are in a league of their own.


Release day is declared a holiday


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This is a memo by a Chennai based company, Fundus that only illustrates that special Rajini magic!



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Apparently more than one person/ company had the same idea too.  Bangalore based company Opus, had the same idea to avoid people taking fake sick leave, mass bunking and switched off cell phones.



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Others release movies on holidays, a Rajini release becomes a holiday


Tickets were as rare as hen’s teeth


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People wait for a long time for a Rajinikanth release. Advance booking of first day first shows is a given and tickets are a prize everyone longs for.


All the superheroes Vs Rajini


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The recently released Avengers movie doesn’t hold a candle to Kabali for any of many reasons. Apparently Rajini is the baap of all superheroes; plus box office takings of a Hollywood movie is nothing compared with a Rajini release.


Simply Rajini


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The man doesn’t even have to try; he just is a superstar!


Something to think about…


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The internet craze for Rajini and Kabali is probably just the tip of the ice berg. The real fanatics are out there and we don’t even know about them!


Kabali Da!

The song Neruppu Da has become an anthem with well over 12 million YouTube views. The angry sounding song is strangely compelling… listen in.

Author – Reena Daruwalla

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