Absolute Shocker: Saudi Arabia Executes A Member Of Its Own Royal Family

Execution sounds like such an ugly word. It most certainly is. But an elimination or execution becomes all the more vitriolic when it involves not a commoner, a fraudster, criminal or miscreant but, is rather subjected to an elitist. More so, when it's someone possessing royal blood, or blue blood as they say. In a developing story from the Middle East, the world learnt of an absolute shocker when it turned out that a member from the Royal family of Saudi Arabia was executed, thus being the only rare episode in Saudi Arabia's royal family history since 1975, that one of its member had been executed. Lets learn more details about this acerbic bit of news:

1. A spine chilling news from the heart of Saudi Arabia

In a first of its kind execution carried out by Saudi Arabia, the oil-rich nation executed one of its own, by executing a member of its own royal family. This is a complex development coming in from the middle east, not so much so for the nature of execution but for its subject.

2. Prince Turki bin Saud al Kabir

The Saudi capital city of Riyadh was in for the shock of its lifetime when it was announced that its ruling prince, Prince Turki bin Saud al Kabir had been executed by the state in lines with a bitter brawl that ensued between him and another man that led to the prince killing the other, as per the report of the Saudi Arabian Interior Ministry. This led to the execution of Prince Kabir.

3. What happened between Saudi Arabia's Prince and the man he shot?

It is alleged that the late prince, Prince Turki bin Saud al Kabir had entered into a bitter feud with Adel-al-Mahemid, a person whose identity isn't exactly known. The fight, at one stage became such a bitter affair that the Saudi prince killed the man. As a result, the Sunni Islamic state carried out the execution of its own prince.

4. An unprecedented shocker from Saudi Arabia

While the Saudi Arabian royal family's integrity and its right place in the order of the society is one thing, bitter execution and subjecting one of the members from the elite royal family is something one thought to be quite another. What was actually thought to have been a state that carried out executions only upon sadists, common criminals or serial offenders has today risen to shake up the structure of the entire society in Saudi Arabia in the most damaging assault on the royal family's modern history.

5. The victim's uncle and his reaction to the execution

That the rich could commit a crime and get away with it perhaps best fits fairy tales and crime novels. Not in Saudi Arabia though, as it seems with the execution of Prince Turki bin Saud al Kabir. Interestingly, the deceased's uncle, Abdul Rahman al-Falaj, expressed that the execution of Saudi Arabia's prince reflects the nation's 'fair justice system'.

6. No easy day ever for wrong-doers and criminals in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is known to follow an extremely strict Islamic legal code in its sovereignty and republic under which murder, drug-trafficking, armed robbery, rape and apostasy are all punishable offenses by death under law. It is said that at least one person is executed in every two days in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia

7. Some shocking execution numbers in 2016

The latest in the line of fire of execution was Saudi Arabia's own royal family member, Prince Turki bin Saud al Kabir. But this wasn't the only execution carried out recently. It turns out, in 2016, up to this point of time, as many as 134 persons have been executed according to a Saudi Arabian Ministry. This is just 22 shy of the 158 deaths that occurred in similar fashion in 2015, i.e., death through execution. 

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