Forget Video Conferencing You'll Be Doing Holoportation Next!

More often than not we miss our loved ones terribly. So, have you ever imagined how would it be to have them teleported virtually to your location in REAL TIME? It can actually happen. Want to know how? Know it here! 

1. Holoportation

Well yes, the technology is pacing up really rapidly, much more than we'd have ever thought. When Microsoft introduced the world with Holoportation, the world witnessed another revolution in the technology industry. 

2. A Microsoft's Venture


Microsoft’s Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) solutions, such as Holoportation and the HoloLens, offer broad potential. Using 3D Cameras, Microsoft has developed an innovative technology that can “virtually Holoport” an individual in real time, thus allowing face-to-face interaction for individuals thousands of miles apart.

3. Changing Dynamics Of The Boardroom Meetings


Yes, it's the next big thing the world has been waiting for since long! It will surely change the dynamics of the world. We've already been witnessing a rapid change in the boardroom meetings after this innovation. Let's see what's more to come!

4. HoloLens- The Next Big Leap In Technology

There's nothing that you cannot do with the HoloLens brought up by Microsoft. A YouTube video shows people in two different places teleporting into the same room using HoloLens and interacting with each other. Later, the video shows a person playing back the recorded footage that includes him, and even miniaturizing the footage. Check out the video beneath!

5. The Video

To get a clear picture of what Holoportation is, we recommend you to watch the video by Microsoft wherein they've attempted to explain it to the consumers. 

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