Today when news reached us that Donald Trump is now the official and unequivocal Republican nominee for the Republican Party of the United States, there were some very strong reactions on our Indian shores because one way or another, Donald Trump evokes very sharp reactions in India. We are well acquainted with the rank ignorance and bigotry the man displays. While most of us reacted with a sense of dread followed by a sense of resignation at the idea that he may actually become the next POTUS, others rejoiced. There is a sharp dichotomy in India about the Donald: there are those who want him to detox and others who celebrate what he stands for.

Detox tea for Donald Trump

It was Namaste from India as an Assam tea company sent Donald Trump a four year supply of tea to purify the mind. “It is never too late to cleanse yourself” was the message meant to be conveyed via the gift.


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Tea helps fight free radicals and can also make one smarter, said the message that urged Donald to drink the tea for America’s sake and for the sake of the world. Kolkata-based Te-A-Me Teas had this idea to send out a message and to garner some clever publicity for itself. The fact that the tea company thought that a take down of the presidential candidate is great publicity, demonstrates how very unpopular the man is in India.


Also birthday wishes for Donald Trump

But he isn’t unpopular with every Indian; some Indians love him! Last month, the Hindu Sena, a little known fringe group decided to wish the Donald a very happy 70th birthday by having a little celebration. There was a party with cake, balloons and party caps; several big posters of Donald Trump including one holding up a gun. The man who is imagined to be the ‘saviour of humanity’ and the ‘messiah against Islamic terror’ was wished a very happy birthday in a truly unique, Indian style.

Happy Birthday

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The party was in the nation’s capital at Jantar Mantar where the poster of the gun toting messiah was fed some cake as well! Both these instances represent the extreme reactions that the man evokes, not only in India but all over the world.


Author – Reena Daruwalla

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