Demonisation Of Demonitisation: Caused 33 Deaths And Other Baseless Rumours

As hard as it gets, demonetization is already tough for most of us. While the sheer thought of standing in long bank and ATTM queues are making us cringe, baseless rumours are adding fuel to the fire. Here are eight such rumours that have been doing the rounds lately and are absolutely false:

Many deaths caused due to demonitisation

Irresponsible and propaganda driven media in India have attempted to link as many deaths as they possibly can to the demonitisation drive. They have attempted to create some sort of flimsy causal relationship between random deaths and suicides (caused by husbands abusive treatment) to Modi and demonitisation. Effectively proving that they will say anything to rile up public opinion or influence it to stop the economic reforms being attempted. The question though is why?

No more salt

This report has left the entire country in panic that salt prices have increased to Rs. 400/kg but it has been put to rest. Nirmala Sitharaman, Union Minister of State for Commerce and Industry who mentioned in her recent tweet that this is bluff and the prices have not changed at all.

Transporter strike

A lame rumour without any base, AIMTC is not going on strike. People have been busy stocking up essential items after hearing this but there is absolutely no need folks!

New 2000 notes with Nano chips

Trackable Nano chips are now part of the new Rs. 2000 notes is what we hear and this rumour is absolutely incorrect is what we know! Some media houses started this and now this false alarm has gained increased momentum.

Double penalty tax

A 200% penalty tax for deposits above Rs. 2.5 lakh is absolute nonsense, and it is misinformation being floated by individuals or institutions with their own agenda.

Loot in shopping malls

A video recently surfaced showing a mall getting vandalized. The reason mentioned was that people weren’t getting change for their cash and thus looting products. Please! How stupid do these rumour mongers think the Indian people are? How will have a stolen TV help in buying groceries? Delhi Police stopped the rumour by issuing a statement that it was a self-service mall where only card holders were allowed in, and people were collecting their own stocks.

Counterfeit notes already in the market

Another blatant attempt at demonising demonitisation, by starting a rumour that shows the entire effort in poor light. There are crooks in the country who attempted to use photocopies as currency, but they've been caught.

No matter what you hear, and unfortunately read, even if it is random statements being made by lofty individuals like the Chief Minister of Delhi, ‘baton par na jao…apni akal lagao’! (don't go on rumours, use your own brain and ask for proof) is what we say!

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