Deaf Uber Driver’s Sweet Gesture and Other Interesting Stories

Sometimes the person at the wheel of a cab infuriates you by being surly or uncooperative or too friendly or chatty. However, there are times when that Uber driver may surprise and yes, even delight their passenger. This is what a deaf-mute Uber driver did to make his customer happy; and some more stories to amuse and to restore one’s faith in taxi apps in general.

Welcome sign

When the passenger entered the vehicle, this sign greeted her, inviting her to communicate via text or a notepad and offering an aux cable to play music. He would enjoy something with strong bass, he said.

Other similar cases

One Uber driver who couldn’t hear put up a sign that invited people to play music as loud as they wanted, and clarified that he wasn’t ignoring them; he was just deaf! This Philippine army veteran lost his hearing due to cannon fire – the passenger – and the web responded with respect!

With a service dog

If one is a dog lover, this is bound to be delightful; that face is bound to bring joy! The uber driver messaged that he had his service dog with him. The passenger was delighted! When she tweeted about it, her tweet got a quarter of a million likes!

“The Donald Trump of music”

This Uber passenger clearly thinks very little of Justin Bieber's music and has an even lower opinion of Donald Trump. When this Uber driver seemed to share his views, he wanted to give him (an impossible) 6 stars!

The Jack Nicholson bird

You know how Jack Nicholson has strange hair and an even stranger expression? This bird was the same! The uber passenger who got into the cab with the bird certainly thought so!

Uber Halloween!

This uber driver decided to celebrate Halloween by putting on the Scream mask. His passenger was startled to say the least, but was also rather amused afterwards. I wonder if the driver got the five star rating he was hoping for.

Creative driver

He needed to avoid getting a ticket, so he got out of the car, hugged the passenger and said I Love you, pretending to be a relative! Luckily the passenger was not annoyed, merely amused.

The tolerant driver

This guy had no problem with a person’s status, religion, bank account status, eating habits, profession or anything! He just wants that people should not throw up in his taxi!

Sometimes, this!

Sometimes you're hungry, sometimes you're thirsty; sometimes you’d do anything just to get your phone charged. Turns out, some Uber drivers think of everything!

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