Has The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Been Solved? New Evidence Sheds Light

An unsolved mystery is a deliciously tantalising and fascinating thing isn’t it? For instance we will never know the truth behind the Shroud of Turin, the real facts behind the end of the Indus Valley Civilization, Subhash Chandra Bose’s disappearance, yeti sightings in the Himalayas; why the dinosaurs died! The Bermuda Triangle is one such eternal mystery that has eluded, fascinated and stumped us over the years. Recent news reports suggest that the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle may finally have been solved. Is this true?

What is the Bermuda Triangle?

Also known as the Devil's Triangle, this is the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where flights and ships have been seen to disappear repeatedly in mysterious circumstances. Supposedly, pilots become disoriented, aircrafts crash, ships sink seemingly without reason, navigation instruments misbehave and craft go off course in the Bermuda Triangle.

The stories have been bizarre

Watch this video to know about chilling stories attributed to the Bermuda Triangle.

The ship that reappeared

A goosebump inducing story is that of the SS Cotopaxi. This tramp steamer had mysteriously disappeared in 1925. Last year, there were reports that the ship was discovered by the Cuban Coast Guard 90 years after it had disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle. However this was a fake story; it was reported by political satire and click bait website called World News Daily Report, which social media took at gospel truth.

There have been other hoaxes

Supposedly there were giant pyramids discovered on the ocean's floor.  Their ‘discovery’ was supposed to have explained the impact of the dreaded triangle.

There was also this popular internet hoax about the Devil's Triangle

There was another internet hoax that said that wreckage of the doomed airliner MH370 had been found in the Bermuda Triangle area.

There have been paranormal and other explanations

There have been all sorts of explanations put forth: the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon owes itself to the leftover technology from Atlantis (the mythical lost continent). Some have suggested that there are magnetic anomalies in the area which causes instruments to malfunction and people to become disoriented. Those pyramids, methane hydrates and violent weather are other postulates that have tried to explain the phenomenon.

Does this explanation make more sense?

Recent theories have said that strange cloud formations or “air bombs” that form over the area could be responsible for bringing down planes and sinking ships.

Actually the Bermuda Triangle itself is a myth

If the hype is discarded and we look only at facts, the number of accidents that take place in the Bermuda Triangle area is no more or less significant than other parts of the world. Sensationalism, faulty reasoning, sloppy research, falsification of fact (some claimed disappearances actually never happened) are some of the reasons for so many people believing in the Bermuda Triangle. The fact is, people will believe anything; so long as it is sensational enough… this is not a new phenomenon; it is far older than the Bermuda Triangle.

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