Will Our Excesses, Festivals And Neighbours Ultimately Kill Us?

Yesterday the Delhi govt. declared that schools would be closed three days, starting today because they are hoping that the thick blanket of smog that has enveloped the city since the day after Diwali will lift in this time. Right after te monsoons the festival season begins across India and at the end of it we are left choking. The season sort of ends with Diwali, at least in the North, and during Diwali people continue to burn fire crackers arbitrarily. Add to that the burning of husk in agricultural states like Punjab and Haryana, and the result is the situation that is currently there in Delhi. We know pollution is bad, but lets take a look at how bad, once again.

India has the highest death rates due to respiratory disease

Burning of crackers and fireworks which are associated with India's largest festival has serious side effects on people post Diwali. India has the world’s highest rate of death from respiratory disease. According to the World Health Organisation, 159 deaths per 100,000 people died due to respiratory disease in 2012, which is about five times that of the UK and twice that of China.

Air pollution impacts innocent children more

According to the latest study, it was found that when you are exposed to a certain matter in the air, it can lead to damaging of the blood vessel and cause inflammation, especially in children. Scientists and experts who were involved in this study further explained how air pollution can add to cardiovascular diseases and related deaths.

The everyday pollution is already impacting the heart

According to studies, it was found that the minute pieces of solid or liquid pollution emitted from motor vehicles, factories, power plants, crackers and smoking can lead to abnormal changes in the blood that can trigger cardiovascular diseases.

The dangerous toxins firecrackers add to the air we breathe

Harmful and toxic elements such as Barium, Cadmium, Sodium, Mercury, Nitrate, and Nitrite are exposed to air after burning crackers. Every year in Diwali it leads to an alarming rise in the level of Respirable Suspended Particulate Material (RSPM) in the air, due to the bursting of firecrackers. The harmful particles emitted in the air further leads to diseases like asthma and bronchitis.

As toxins settle on the skin and hair, you can imagine what happens next

The air pollution created by harmful chemicals and gasses leads to various skin allergies and dryness. Dermatologists get richer, while you continue to burn your money in crackers and then doctor's fees.

Then there is the noise

The level of noise pollution goes up tremendously every Diwali. Also, a certain group of people use speakers, recorders, and advertisements to express their happiness on this festival. Bursting crackers goes beyond 125 dB which is as loud as Military jet aircraft which is tremendously high. However, the government limits noise levels at 55dB in daytime and 45dB at night for the residential area which is extremely hazardous to health. The Loud noise of fireworks causes Temporary deafness, permanent Eardrum rupture, trauma and hypertension.

Then there are the uncaring neighbours and the complacent Delhi Govt.

Agricultural states such as Punjab and Haryana, continue to burn crops before winters and of course the Delhi AAP Govt. hopes to contest in the elections in these states so they cannot really do or say anything to ruin their electoral changes. So their smoke comes to Delhi and the people of Delhi who voted for the current govt. choke.

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