Most of us have sometime or the other been stuck in the situation where we like someone totally and yet are unable to make the first move. Nervousness, feeling shy or totally clueless how to start it off, makes us anxious and even give up on that person. But why to lose on an opportunity to meet someone fantastic when we have just the thing to start it off. Try some of the these methods and see a beginning to a new relationship. 

1. At a club

When you meet someone at a bar, how to approach them is a big question, but no worries, just follow the Bollywood style and ask them very politely “Can I buy you a drink?” Just avoid staring at them and please don't start sweating. 

2. At workplace

Just try to get along with them and help them when they are in trouble. Small gestures by you are noticeable to them. So, never lose hope.

3. At a party

When you are at a party, just introduce yourself with full confidence. If the party is utterly boring, then just ask them, “Do you want to get out of here?”. If they say yes, then just take them to the most happening places ever. And don’t sound too desperate.

4.In school

Okay, kids, listen up just keep it low because if she tells the teacher, then you are in deep trouble. So, the class date is fine, just don’t look sweaty and totally nervous.

5. A friend’s friend

Take the help of a mutual friend and when you meet them, try to comfort them with your nature. Try to observe them and figure out what they like and what they don’t.

6. Crush on a friend

Just tell them honestly about your feelings because you never know those feelings might be mutual. And if not, then just try out a casual date with them.

7.Totally random person in a public place

Try that handkerchief old movie style and try to drop your number to them. After all, coincidence doesn’t happen every day. Even if you fail, you won’t lose anything.