Top Bike Companies And Their Rock Solid Beasts

The beasts of the road that are fast, furious and simply stunning are a dream of every biker. Yet, if you have eyes only on a particular bike model and not the company, then you would miss out on the latest models launched and of course the on road performance of these bikes as well. Catch the best bike companies from world over and the rock solid models they offer. 


Honda Motor Co. Ltd. has a revenue estimate of $13.30 Billion making it the richest bike company in the world. It is headquartered in Japan and its popular series of bikes include CN Series, Motra, Unicorn and Shine. 


Again a Japanese Company, the Kawasaki is one of the best bike company's in the world and has an estimated revenue of $14 billion. 


Adding to this list is the Yamaha, with an estimated revenue of $7.82 billion. It is again a Japanese company and its more popular models include FZS, Studio and VMAX. 


With an estimated revenue of $5.5 billion, the Harley Davidson is one of the most loved bike companies in the world and is headquartered in the US. Its popular models include Sportster, V-Rod and Harley-Davidson street. 


An Italian company with an estimated revenue of $7.33 billion, the Ducati is under the Volkswagen Group and has popular bikes like Monster and Street Fighter under its niche. 

Hero Moto Corp

This Indian company has an estimated revenue of $4 billion and has popular bikes like Karizma ZMR and Hunk under its belt. 


The last to feature on our list is a BMW or the Bayerische Motoren Werke, headquartered in Germany. It has an estimated revenue of $1.84 billion and a few of its popular bikes are BMW Motorsport, BMW Motorrad and R Nine T. 

So which is your favorite bike company? 

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