Do you remember your first crush? That first feeling of looking at someone constantly, trying to grab the seat next to him or her while returning home in the school bus, or simply trying to talk to that person. Yes, that special schoolmate who was more than a friend but you never admitted it to anyone. With time, the person faded into memory and what was left was a sweet thought. Smiling secretly? Then don’t let that smile go off your face, as we make you revisit that adorable phase of your life.

Who loves to go the school? I tell you, the person who has a secret crush on someone. There was a time when going to school seemed like a nightmare, but then came that person who was like the fresh smell of roses that made school going a must. 

Life was not dependent on WhatsApp or Facebook those days. If you had to chat with your sweetheart, then a face to face conversation was the only option available. And honestly, that made that time, even more, sweeter and real.

Those feelings were most truthful as you were too innocent to fake your genuine emotions. One glance from her used to give butterflies in your stomach.

That time, in spite of being a teen, you started feeling like a high school or a college guy. It was pretty natural to think, love, means maturity.

It was quite hard to initiate the conversation, and at times you ended up staring at the other person with a blank face. Silly, but that's how it was.

Ask yourself what you didn’t do to impress your crush? You tried every possible way to make your darling smile; you even changed your dressing sense and way of talking, just to grab the attention of that special person.

Several years passed, but you didn’t utter a single word to express your feelings, but that one-sided love is the sweetest remembrance that you have till date.