A woman asked, #saysomethingaboutyourfavourites, the inevitable answer is going to be handbags and shoes. Now matter how many of them you have, there is always space for more. It’s every girl’s first love and our advice to men, don’t argue this. Want to know why we’re saying this, take a look.

These are mine

Sale These are mine

For every woman, the word sale is a call from heaven, especially if they get discounts on their favourite footwear and expensive handbags. Show them a label of 50% off and then watch them running like Bolt to the shop.


Its pleasuring

Shoes are hypnotism for them It’s pleasuring

The moment she stops by a Footwear shop, understand that she got hypnotized by that store which is full of classics. Sometime women act as a child gazing at a candy store. “Please, get me one, please!” *Fake Tears*.


Some more pleae

Even hundreds of handbags are less Some more please

No matter, if a woman owns hundreds of handbags, they are still less. Every time, she visits the mall, she has to buy a new one. That’s a compulsory call. “I just own 14 pieces of Gucci, I should buy some more” *Wink*.


Still people complain

A match is must Still people complain

You don’t know that having a matching pair of stilettos is the basic necessity of every woman (Like, really?). They can say no to a double cheese pizza, but cannot afford to miss a chance to buy a pair of stilettos, especially at the time of sale. Basic necessities, you get that?


I like to buy handbags

A different handbag everyday I like to buy handbags

You’re asking her to pack less than lesser stuff as you’re going on a trip of 4 days only, but you can’t expect that she will go without different hand clutches for each day.


And Prada is life

Handbags are their fashion statement And Prada is life

Handbags are undoubtedly the most amazing fraction of style as they always fit and are hardly painful to carry. Whether you’re slim like a bear or fat like an earthworm, handbags don’t give you size issues.


Watch my bag

Love for leather Watch my bag

If it would’ve possible for a woman, then she could’ve scratch out a man’s skin to get customized footwear or a handbag (Just a saying). Once a woman falls for fancy leather, she can’t go back.

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Author’s Name: Pranay Gautam