Navratri Begins, But What Do These 9 Days Signify?

Navratri begins today and with it the fasting, rituals and celebrations as well. Even as most of us religiously go about our fasts, following the customs and traditions and enjoying the beats of Dandiya nights, how many of us really know the reason for this mega celebration of nine days. Do you really know why it is done and what's the significance of these days? Here, check this out. 

Sherawali Ma

Navratri is all about worshipping Sherawali Maa for the complete nine days. With different rituals, a complete puja is performed by people fasting, and devoting in worshipping the Goddess. 

Why nine days of worship?

Navratri is divided into sections of three days, with each set focusing on the different aspects of the supreme Goddess. 

On the first three days, the Goddess is invoked as a powerful force called Durga to destroy all impurities and negative elements. 

The next three days, the Goddess is worshipped as a giver of wealth, i.e. Lakshmi and is considered to give her devotees inexhaustible wealth. 

The last three days are dedicated to the Goddess of wisdom, Saraswati, the giver of knowledge.

To give us prosperity and success, we need the blessings of all these forms and Navratri brings it together. 

Celebrated throughout India

The whole country comes forward to celebrate these nine days. Of course the celebrations differ from state to state. Take a look at the celebrations in full swing across different parts of India

Navratri comes four times in a year

Even though most of us think that Navratri comes twice, it is actually four times. The first is now, the second one comes around April and is called Chaitra Navratri, the third is Magh Navratri and comes around January and the last one comes in Ashad Navratri and occurs in June and July. 

The last two Navratris are mainly observed in certain regions of North India. 

Spreading a message

Killing evil is the message spread by the festival. Between all the dancing, celebrations and happiness, this message is completely followed. It's a very auspicious period and mostly all work initiated in this period is successful. 

Lucky Navratri

This year, all the days are completing their entire cycle and hence Navratri is going to be quite lucky. 

Celebrated in West Bengal as Durga Puja

You can expect to see the entire state lit up during these ten days. The festival marks Ma Durga emerges as Mahishasur Mardini and coming victorious from the battle. 

Celebrating 9 forms of Durga

Bhadrakali, Chandika,  Annapurna, Jagadamba, Bhairavi, Lalita, Bhavani, Mookambika and Sarvamangala are the nine forms of Durga that are worshipped during this time.

So, as we start with Navratri let's promise a bit more respect for the people around us, a safer place for the women and a warmer heart towards humanity. Happy Navratri!

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