Knock Knock!! Who Is It ? - Blind Dating Gone Awkward!

Blind dates are tempting. You get to meet a cool and hot looking guy or girl and then love follows. Well, at least that's the expectation. But what happens when this blind date goes wrong and things turn totally awkward and we mean.... totally awkward!

“My friend took me on blind date last night where my date ended up being my cousin.”

Knowing each other’s full name in the start doesn’t seem like a bad idea now! Date turned into a family meeting! Think about the next time when you meet her at some family gathering…disturbing!

"My neighbor went to a blind date at a romantic place yesterday and who shows up? His sister. Lmfao. I'm still laughing !"

The storyteller is definitely who we call a best friend! Yup, they are evil! Guess what he and her sister would have told at their home about where they were going. One cab fare saved for going home now!

"My roommate brought her blind date back to our apartment. It was my real brother."

Is it me or does this really look like a scene from a movie? Well, she can at least consider herself a bit lucky if she reads the above incidents. Would be still weird, I guess!

"I was on a blind date the other night and we went to the park. We sat down on a bench and a condom fell out of his pocket and he told me he picked the wrong pair of pants from the dry-cleaners. I just laughed."

That was some great reflex response, though! Both know where the date eventually will be ending so it's okay to admit and having a protection is a good thing really!

"I had to postpone a project group meeting the other night to go on a blind date. The girl turned out to be one of my group members. So we spent the date outlining the proposal."

This one is an excitement killer! Anyway it turned out to be productive if nothing else. Do check out if it wasn't an evil plan of the group members.

"I went on a blind date one time and his mother rang me the next day to see how it went"

Awkward for the girl but guess who's getting this year's mother of the year award!

"I asked this girl on sort of a blind date and she said yes. We talked more and more and next, she asked me to pay for her hair and nails done before the date. Date cancelled."

We've seen the cash-on-delivery type of girls but cash before delivery...this is a whole new level! Nicely dodged boy!

"I just went on a blind date and when I showed up to the restaurant, it was my ex-wife."

Another cliched movie scene! A great time saver as you wouldn't require any introduction. Probably get married again? Okay, too filmy!

"I think the most awkward thing I've encountered is being a stoner on a blind date with a cop."

For those who thought having a brother on a date can be lethal, still a pure ‘Thug Life' moment!

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