So, it's #SundayFunday and that means you can sit the entire day in your PJs, play games on your mobile and stare at the TV. Simply put, you'll be a couch potato and make the couch your own private sanctuary. But you simply shouldn't be, because you spend the whole week being stuck to your seat at work, being a couch potato on #SundayFunday as well, could eventually kill you. Don't believe us? Read on.

You will contract stomach problems

No one wants to be in this dilemma

No one wants to be in this dilemma

Yes, that’s right! Sitting on a couch for long hours can cause some serious stomach problems like a weak digestive system, diarrhea and many more.

You'll always be irritated

Two words, anger management

Two words, “anger management”

Everything you do has an effect on your body as well as your mind. Sitting at a place for long hours doing no physical activity can make you irritated, in which case you would easily snap at others and would always be in an irritated mood.

You're taking the risk of being overweight


You need to get up

You would have noticed that generally people who are a couch potato are obese. This is not just a coincidence or a myth, but rather a fact. A new study has shown, that people who spend most of their time sitting and doing no physical activity, their body creates fat cells at a much larger rate than a normal person.

You're Taking the risk of heart disease


Change your schedule before it’s too late

This is a risk that runs quite high and surprisingly not many people know about this. If you are sitting at one place for a long time without being physically active, your arteries will get stiffer causing you problems like cholesterol and blood pressure in the future.

Increasing the risk of diabetes


Don’t miss out on life

Many recent studies have shown that people who sit in one place for more than two hours a day, are at a risk of developing Type 2 diabetes by 10% more than those who move around at every 40 minutes.