It Was Rakshabandhan and It Was Raining Memes on Twitter

Indians everywhere celebrate the unique festival of Rakshabandhan (which literally translates of the bond of protection) regardless of region, religion or linguistic divisions. In recent times, the concept of tying a rakhi has expanded to include all siblings, not just brothers and sisters; and to all protectors not just siblings. So Twitter had a lot to say.


While this is a festival where the brother promises to protect his sister, now sisters tie each other rakhis and cousins also pledge to look after each other.

Other meaningful ways to celebrate

Some people pledge to protect trees – some of our most vital but fastest dwindling resources.

All our protectors

There are so many selfless people protecting us today: military personnel, doctors, nurses, sanitation workers, delivery people and more. They all make it possible for us to be healthy and remain indoors.

Important message

As this tweet points out, this is a time to remember to respect all women, not just sisters and other female relatives.

Celeb celebrations

Many celebs shared pictures of their celebrations.

And this

Salman Khan’s Rakshabandhan post on Instagram was widely shared on social media.

One day of amity

The relationship between many brothers and sisters remains adversarial round the year though there is usually a thaw in relations around this time of year.

On the other hand

Some single kids don’t have much to do with this celebration.

Some do this

Well, it’s about protection, isn't it!

The dilemma

On rakhi day, single boys face a peculiar problem: having to avoid girls they fancy – lest they are declared a ‘rakhi brother’.


…This is usually the case. However, this year with schools being shut, boys were less worried.


Sometimes the occasion of raksha bandhan can be heartbreaking.

Virtual celebrations

This year, travel and quarantine restrictions being what they are, many celebrations were only virtual.


Traditionally, the brother gives his sister his promise to protect and a gift in exchange for tying a rakhi on his wrist.


Traditional gifts and gift amounts may no longer be deemed enough, however. Rakshabandhan celebrations have changed in recent times – and never more so than in 2020!

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