Home is your personal space and of course you want to put your feet up and just be yourself. But what happens when your perfect, poised exterior shell that you show to the world gets cracked…by your home. Yes, stuff you do at home can completely undermine what you want to represent to the world. Or we can say, show your true colours. So, what does your home say about you?

1. You love to eat but not clean


So messy !

Ok, so you’re the epitome of sophistication when you’re eating at a restaurant, but at home you may just eat like a hungry hooligan! Chips flying here and there, ketchup smeared table tops, wrappers of chocolate bars- and undone dishes. So, yes you love food whether served out of a box or a formal dinner setting….who cares.


2. You’re organized, but in your own way


How do you not get lost?

Keeping those cupboards tidy is such an uphill task. Guess what, you’re lazy at heart. You keep things organized that are in the face, rest you don’t bother.


3. The bookworm

A book worms delight

A book worm’s delight

You have a book in your hand when you travel, at your lunch break and a whole cupboard at home. What it says, you love books and you are so proud of it.


4. You are bonded

Ties that bind

Ties that bind

Yes, you have shared those photos on Facebook but when the same happy faces are in your home, it shows you live a connected life and love the ‘happy family’ picture.


5.  Your sense of style

That panache!

That panache!

Whether it’s the color palate you choose for your curtains or the alignment of the clock on the wall, your personal sense of style shines through every intricate detail of your house.


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Author Name: Shruti Kochhar