Compliments Women Actually Like To Receive

Yes a woman likes to hear that she is beautiful or that she is looking particularly glowing today /tonight. But make an effort, will you? Don’t be lazy! Don’t use the same, tired old compliments for her. Think up something that applies specifically to her. Women now come up with some pretty innovative approaches – maybe you can do the same? This checklist of compliments women actually enjoy receiving will be useful:

“Beauty AND Brains!”

This is a bit of a cliché, but trust me, there are very few women who don’t like hearing this. We want to be acknowledged for our brains but we like to look good too. In most situations, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Be specific

Don’t just say “you're beautiful”. Tell her she has beautiful eyes and how they remind you of rich dark chocolate or something. Tell her that the colour she is wearing today highlights her best features. Be inventive, observant and also authentic.

“I love spending time with you”

When you tell her that she is the one you enjoy spending time with the most, you’re telling her that she is your favourite person, and that she makes you happy. You’re also telling her that you like her a lot. In a relationship, liking is probably more important than loving.

“You're hilarious”

We women love guys with a sense of humour. We really appreciate guys you get us; especially if our sense of humour is a little off-beat and unhinged.

“I want to grow old with you”

Ooh! Goosebumps! This one, spoken while looking deep into her eyes is going to make her feel special and valued and precious. It also tells her that you trust her; which is a huge compliment! It also helps that this compliment shows you to be mature and ready for a real relationship; not some callow commitment-phobic boy.

“You make the room brighter…Just by being in it!”

This is a lovely, breezy compliment. You're making her feel welcome and cherished and precious when you say this to her.

“First thing I want to do…

…Is see your face” You're telling her several things by saying this: you find her very attractive, and that you want to be with her on a long term basis. It’s a loaded compliment!

“You surprise me!”

This goes beyond mere admiration or attraction. This is telling her that her brain is interesting to you that she delights and amazes you; that she is never boring or predictable to you!

Compliment her family

Find things you like about her family especially her mother and be appreciative. Compliment her mother on her resilience or her how well she has brought up her kids. You are indirectly complementing her and indicate that you see all those admirable qualities in her.

When she asks you this

If she asks you about which of two beautiful women is better looking, there is only one correct answer you can give: “You!”

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