Being a sensitive person is not the greatest qualities to have, especially in today's world where it is seen as a sign of weakness. It's just assumed that you can't handle pressure, you'll break down easily and shouting at you can press that cry button in a matter of seconds. Not all of this is true, but sensitive people sadly go through a lot and often people forget to look at their golden heart. 

So, if you are highly emotional, you'll go through all of these but still remember, you have something that people in general have long forgotten... the human touch. 

1. Cry baby

People often tag you with this word because you are too emotional about everything. LIKE EVERYTHING!

2. They will bully you

Bullies always target you because they mostly choose soft targets. But you need to pull yourself up and stand against them.

3. ‘Being scared of relationships’

People with sensitive nature always have the fear of getting hurt. Especially in relationships, they are the ones who get too much attached and it is painful  for them when they break up.

4.Your cry in the theatre

Whenever you watch a romantic or a drama movie and your tears starts running. And your friends carry a tissue box just for you.

5.You can’t see anyone sad or upset

One of the best qualities I must say is that you can’t see anyone sad or upset. You try to help them in the best possible way and also comfort them till they get better.

6.Sad songs make you weep

Listening to sad songs makes you quite emotional and your mind starts playing old memories.

7. Even a light joke offends you

Whenever you are meeting your friends and they start pulling each other’s legs, you just can’t take it and start arguing with them.