Are You Called A 'Bore'? Here's How To Change It

Are you one of those people, who silently remain a part of the crowd without taking part in any interactions? Welcome to the boring club! But although your conversation skills depend on a lot of things like your personality or skills, there are a few things you can tweak here and there to make yourself a more interesting person. Read below to find out how. 

Engage in topics relevant to your interest

For starting out a conversation, try to speak about areas you have an interest in. This would let other people know how knowledgeable you are and give you an even ground to speak on. 

Listen to others

Just talking about yourself or giving your own view points is a big no since you will end up boring people around you. Instead, try to listen to what they are saying and then engage in a conversation. 

Develop new skill sets

You just cannot stop learning. Try to learn new skills as and when you are getting an opportunity since that would give you an upper hand among your peers and would let you know about a number of things you can talk about. 

Finding your kind of people

One of the reasons why you tend to be boring, even after trying so hard is that you do not fit in the crowd. Instead, try to find the kind of crowd that is more interested in your interests and you have something common to speak about. 

Think before speaking

Do not say just anything without thinking about it or else people will get the impression that you are naive and won't take you seriously. To make things interesting, take a pause, think what to say and then speak! 

Be inquisitive and read more

Reading is not good, but a great habit since it opens your mind and lets you know about thousand of different things apart from what you know in your routine life. This would make you more knowledgeable and hence, an interesting person. 

Sense of humor

Try to add a little sense of humor since that would be able to hook more people into your conversations and allow them to listen to you. 

Always be curious

Always be curious about things happening around you since that would give you an idea of what to speak if the conversations are headed in a particular way. 

The trick is to show off your intelligence and shed apprehension. Being interesting is just a choice! 

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