Are You Sharing Your Life With A Control Freak? Here Are The Signs

You share a romantic life with your partner, but what if all is not right. Jealousy, over-possessiveness and stalking are some of the signs that show how controlling your partner is! Don't believe us, check these signs and know if you have a controlling partner too. 

Your partner decides everything

What should you wear, where are you going on a date, whom should you meet, every single thing in your life is decided by your partner. 

You have turned into a liar

You have started lying to your partner about your whereabouts, fearing that whatever you say or do without asking your partner will lead to a fight. 

You have no freedom left

You just have to inform your partner about everything and cannot spend any time alone, in fact all the time you feel like a caged bird. 

Your partner is always ready to fight

At the shortest pretence, your partner is ready to fight. In fact your life seems like a huge mess. 

Everything is shared

You have absolutely no privacy left right now. Right from your Gmail accounts to bank accounts, every single thing is shared. 

Its all your fault

Every single thing that went bad is your fault. Your partner holds you responsible for every trivial thing and simply does not bother to hear you out. 

Stalks you everywhere

Right from your social media accounts to get together with your friends, your partner stalks you everywhere. Although you are not admitting, but you are controlled by your partner. 

Constantly calls you

Your partner calls you every single time you people are not together to the point that you start getting irritated. 

It is better to be single and enjoy your freedom than to share your life with a partner who controls your life to the brim. 

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