Today is the second day of the week and as we all push our way to our corporate floors, there is one common thing that is there among all of us and that's improved facilities from the organization. Right from a better pay package to a better work environment, there are many things that keep bothering us. Here are some that annoy us just about completely. 

1. Equality in pay

Most of the time the increment looks like peanuts and every employee wants a decent package to take home. Work exploitation is really something that annoys every working person. 

2.Better employee benefits

Sometimes, giving some extra benefits is just like a kick start to the dreams. It's a small step from the side of the company, but a big thing for the employee. 


3. More remote options

Work from home sometimes eases the pressure for the employee and to increase the productivity as well as employee welfare, WORK FROM HOME is the best.


4.Harassment policies for both men and women

A company should always make some decent policies for their employees when it comes to cases like harassment and sexual abuse. Sadly, there are only limited companies in India having this policy. 

5.Effective pregnancy policy

A support from the company with flexibility in work and a good maternity leave is definitely going to bring more women in the work force. 


We all know sabbatical is important for everyone now because we all get tired of our daily routines and few days off is no harm.

7.More security

Job stability is important and companies should work more on retention policies and reducing the temporary period of the employee to maximum three months.