The Women's Bra And Other Things At Home That Actually Have An Expiry Date

Did you know that your household items like pillows and shoes also have an expiry date? Yes, it's not just your food items and medicines that have a date attached, the case holds good for almost 80% of the things you use. Here's everything about the dumping date you need to know. 

1. Pillows

Pillows should be tossed away in 2-3 years as they can lead to neck pain due to loss of shape. If pillows are used for a longer period, it may become home for dust and mites.

2. Slippers

Slippers are perfect for spreading germs and infections in the surroundings. They should be changed in every 6 months and washed properly.

3. Sponges

Sponges should be changed in two weeks as they start to breed fungus and molds. Shower puff should be trashed after 6 months as it becomes a favorable place for bacteria to breed in.

4. Towels

Wet towels can prove dangerous when it comes to spreading bacteria and infections. They are responsible for the growth of bacteria in the surrounding and should not be used for than 2-3 years.

5. Toothbrush

In order to keep your teeth away from infections, you should consider changing your toothbrush in every 3 months. After you have suffered from any illness, consider changing the brush.

6. Perfumes

Perfume should be kept for 4 years when stored in close environment and for 2 years when stored in open. Perfumes and toilettes contain essential oils, that can get damaged soon.

7. Hair brush

It is important to clean your hair brush once a week and should be replaced after 7-10 months. If you have a brush with boar bristles, change them in a year.

8. Spices

Ground spices should be changed after 6 months and other spices should be tossed away in a year. After some time, they change their smell and taste as well.

9. Mosquito repellent

No mosquito repellent is useful after 2 years and hence consider throwing them away at the right time.

10. Power strips

Every power strip have its own capacity and power, but when overused it may sometimes lead to shock or any other serious problems. Changing them in 1-2 years is the best solution.

11. Fire extinguisher

Did you know there is an expiry date for fire extinguishers as well? Yes, you need to change them after every 15 years.

12. Flour

Flour should be changed after 6 months and if you are using high-grade flour, it can go up to one year.

13. Bra

When your bra losses its capacity or you feel uncomfortable, feel free to throw them away. Generally, a bra should be changed after every 1-2 years.

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