Doodles That You Draw And What It Really Means

In the middle of the meeting, during free lectures or bored Sunday, doodle is something that we all love to draw.  Have you ever wondered the hidden meanings behind the doodle? Yes, a doodle that you keep scribbling throughout the day has a lot more to speak about your personality. Check out the doodles and the hidden meaning behind it.

1. Stars

If you draw a star in your free time, it indicates the imaginative side by yourself. People who keep drawing stars are said to be determined and imaginative by nature.

2. Hearts

A person who keeps drawing hearts and heart symbol, it simply means that he is in love for the first time. A person who is living in his new and fresh relationship tend to draw hearts.

3. Dots and spots

If you keep making dots and spots throughout the day, it simply means you are sorted and organized by your behavior. If the dots are linked with one another, it means you are troubled with something or frustrated.

4. Flowers

If you keep drawing flowers quite often, it means that you are sort of romantic person from inside. People who draw daisies are secretive and quiet by nature, whereas rose indicates love.

5. Pattern

People who keep drawing some random patterns on their notebook are said to grow up as leaders.

6. Wheels

If you love drawing wheels, it simply means you are progressing in your life and you dream to do so. People who draw wheels and spines tend to be extremely happy in nature.

7. Boats, planes or ships

Love drawing boats, planes and ships? It means you want to escape the current situation.

8. Your name or signature

You might have seen people writing their own name in different fonts and also doodling signature. It simply means you are enjoying being the center of attraction.

9. Bird or rhino

People who keep doodling bird means they are looking for hope and freedom as well. Additionally, if you make a rhino, you’re concerned about your weight.

10. Eyes

The type of eye you doodle reflects your personality. If you draw starring eyes, it means you demonstrate the feeling of been watched all the time. Similarly, closed eyes indicate the refusal to look within. Drawing large eyes are a symbol of an outgoing personality.

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